About Our Staff

Brandon Rutherford – President

In 2009, Brandon Rutherford ran for city council because he always wanted to help people and make a difference in his community in Elyria, Ohio (pop. 55,000). So, he did the best way he know how, he ran for city council and walked his ward 4 times talking to residents and business owners about their feelings about the city. Although Rutherford didn’t win he wanted to do something with the knowledge he had gathered and talking to friends and out of the box thinkers he knew like Will McCracken and Maurice Small he developed Invest Elyria. From there it grew into Lorain, Ohio (pop. 64,000) with Invest Lorain. With over 10 years of community development experience with Brandon alone, we are confident that we can develop a plan for your town and get it on the right path!

 Polly Onderko -Database Manager

Polly has been with Invest shortly after Invest Elyria started and has always understood what we have tried to accomplish when we do events and to the level of professionalism and quality our events must have because the residents deserve it. She will be in charge of data collection and information through our website and from your end so our process can begin quickly and smoothly.

Holly Berger – Graphic Designer

Holly comes with us with her degree in graphic design and a keen eye for the vibe and feeling we are going for when we do anything that the public will see. We have a high threshold for what we want our fliers, commerce maps and more to look like and she fits the mold to a T! She can also privately work with you or your city on any graphic art work you may need for your own business or group.

Interns- TBA


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Improving morale in your community, while boosting awareness for supporting small business.