About Invest MyTown

The focus of Invest My Town and its community-based chapters is to encourage local commerce while also opening the lines of communication between citizens and government entities.  Invest My Town began on December 27, 2016, as Invest Elyria and expanded on July 3, 2012, with Invest Lorain.  It was at that point that Invest My Town CEO, Brandon Rutherford knew the idea was one that could be taken into multiple cities.


We build or strengthen the lines of communication between residents and small business owners through a multitude of events or activities that get both sides working together show both how important it is for small business to have a connection with the community and to have residents understand just how important shopping local is to a community. We will develop a social media presence then an in person one with visits to your community, meeting with you and other community leaders.

We can be sponsored by the city government, club (Lions, Kiwanis etc.) or corporate or small business entity. If the latter happens we will attach your company logo to ours when we do events. See our packages area to see more…


We are a non-partisan group that doesn’t care about your political affiliation but about your connection to your community. We want you to shop local every time you can and to tell your friends and neighbors about that store or diner you went to. We are always thinking and looking for cutting edge, new ideas we can introduce to areas that need a boost!


Becoming an “Investor” is simple! You simply just have to care about your community! Take that leap to not just sit on the sidelines and talk about how things could be better but actually help make it better.


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Improving morale in your community, while boosting awareness for supporting small business.